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Gas Fitters Campbells Bay


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Gas Fitters Campbells Bay

Looking for a gas fitter in Campbells Bay

Look no further, we service the Campbells Bay and surrounding Auckland North Shore suburbs. Our Campbells Bay Gas Fitting services include general gas plumbing maintenance and new build gas installations.

If you are doing home renovations we can help add extra water and tap points in bathroom and kitchen renovations. We also replace gas hot water cylinder and install new continuous flow hot water heating systems. We also do large scale plumbing contractor work.

Campbells Bay Gas Fitter plumbing service include a range of gas related solutions from general gas hob service and maintenance, gas air ducted heating solutions, gas fireplace installations, gas fireplace servicing and gas plumbing gas bottle installations, continuous flow hot water systems,and LPG gas installations.

Being Plumbers on the amazing Auckland North Shore is a real privlage, give a a call today and we would be happy to service all your gas fitter plumbing and general plumbing needs, so give us a call now!

We have a plumber in the Campbells Baye area today.


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Gas Fitter Home Services


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Gas Fitter Commercial Services


Plumbing Home Renovations

We deliver a range of gas fitter services fom gas unit servicing and repairs to new gas unit installations

Gas Fitter Installations
> Gas oven installation
> Gas hob installation
> Gas hot water cylinders installation
> Continuous flow hot water heater installation
> LPG gas installations
> Gas heating installation
> Ducted gas air heater installation
> Gas fireplace installation
> Gas hob and cooker installation

Gas Fitter Repairs and Servicing
> Gas oven repairs and service
> Gas hob repairs and service
> Gas hot water cylinder repairs
> Continuous flow hot water heater repairs
> LPG gas repairs
> Gas heating repairs
> Ducted gas air heater repairs
> Gas fireplace servicing and repairs
> Gas hob and cooker servicing

Here is a useful link to the EnergyWise website with an article on gas warer heaters and whats good about gas water heaters and what to look out for when choosing to install a gas water heater system

Gas water heating

Gas water heating systems run on natural gas from gas mains, or LPG from bottles or in some areas from gas mains. Some types are cheaper to run than standard electric water heating.

Gas fitter Plumbing Services

Our gas fitter services cover two main areas, the first being repairs and servicing of gas units like, gas hob and cooker, gas fireplaces and gas heaters that need regular maintenance and servicing or gas hot water cylinder that need repairs

The second area is new gas unit installations like converting your old electric hot water cylinder to a continuous flow hot water heater unit or installing a new gas hob and cooker or LPG gas bottle installations. What ever the job we will make sure that it is done right.

Gas Fitter Repairs and Servicing

Gas hob repairs and service
Gas hot water cylinder repairs
LPG gas repairs
Gas heating repairs
Gas fireplace servicing and repairs
Gas hob and cooker servicing


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